Create Ads

Creating an Ad

To create ads please follow these steps:

  • Go to the WP Admin panel › Ads panel
  • Click the Add New link

Add New:

  1. Ad Title – the title of your ad
  2. Ad Type – custom ads
  3. Shortcode – to paste into the post to display the ad
  4. PHP Code – for when using custom templates
  5. Do not use as random ad – when you set an ad location to display random ads, this ad will be omitted
  6. Groups – similar to post categories, you can assign ads to ad groups
  7. Order – when displaying ads from a group, ads with higher order will be displayed first
  8. Image – the image to be used
  9. Link – the URL the ad is supposed to link to
  10. Code – HTML/ JavaScript code for your ad. If used together with image, the image is displayed above the code
  11. Turn off this ad on specific devices (set resolution breakpoints for devices in the WP Admin panel › Settings › AX-Ads › General panel)