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Bitcoin payments at ZERO fees, processed instantly and secure via our own BTCPay server while receiving your funds directly into your wallet.

About BTCPay

“BTCPay Server is a self-hosted, open-source cryptocurrency payment processor. It’s secure, private, censorship-resistant and free.”

Full user documentation:


We host a BTCPay instance on a professionally secured server. Any ADULTX theme user can create an account and connect their website for free. This service is fully managed by us and operates completely separate from any third parties.

To set up an account, please register at:

Please make sure to use the same email address as the theme order email address.

Creating a store

After registration it will be possible to create a new store:

General Settings

From here the Wallet can be set up and Lighning can be enabled. (instructions below)

Also the store name, website url and extra settings like the invoice expiration time can be set up on this page.

Click ‘Save Store Settings’ at the bottom of the page when done.


It’s possible to connect an existing wallet to your store or to create a new server wallet.

Both options are safe, since the server doesn’t store any private keys (watch-only). You will receive payment funds on addresses that only you have access to.

For the fastest set up we recommend to create a new wallet on the server:

Then select the ‘Watch-only Wallet’ option and continue the setup:

The recovery phrase of the wallet is owned by the user only and will permanently be erased from the server, please carefully save it.

After the wallet setup is finished, it will be possible to receive funds in your wallet. On the ‘Wallets’ page you can easily send funds to an exchange to convert them to your own currency:

Note: We don’t have any access to any wallet or payment details. We can’t access your wallet in any case. Please make sure to not lose the recovery phrase.

Wallet setup documentation:

Wallet general documentation:


It’s possible to enable Lightning payments.

Simply select the option ‘Use Internal Node’ and click on ‘Save’.

Lightning payments are now enabled.

Order invoices

All order invoices can viewed on the ‘Invoices’ page:

Invoices documentation:

Website / Plugin Setup

To use BTCPay for subscription products, the ‘manual renewal payments’ option should be enabled in WooCommerce.

Manual renewal payments can be enabled in the Subscriptions section in the WP Admin Panel › WooCommerce › Settings panel:

When the store setup is done and the manual renewal option has been enabled, we are ready to configure the BTCPay plugin on the website. The plugin is delivered with the theme and alternatively can be installed from the WordPress repository.

After activating the plugin the settings will be accessible in the Payments section in the WP Admin Panel › WooCommerce › Settings panel.

A pairing code will be needed to connect the plugin to the BTCPay server. Please use the following domain to get the pairing code for your store:

Plugin Settings:

Once the website and store are paired via the API Token, you will be able to start receiving payments.

Full BTCPay user documentation: