All subscriptions can be found in the WP admin panel › WooCommerce › Subscriptions panel.

To edit a specific subscription, please click on a subscription number.


Subscriptions and subscription renewals will show up as orders in the WooCommerce Orders section.

To create or edit an order, please go to WP admin panel › WooCommerce › Orders section.

Subscription Products

To create or edit a subscription product, please go to WP admin panel › WooCommerce › Products section and add or edit a product.

In the product editing screen select Simple Subscription as the product type. Then you can set the terms for the product like: price, billing interval, billing period and optionally: length, sign-up fee and trial period.

Subscription products are completely integrated with membership plans.

Renew / Cancel

Subscriptions can be renewed or cancelled by subscribers from their private Account page on the front of the site.